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ERP Project Management Solution

We were hired by a large multi-national fragrance and flavor company to build a customized integrated business management software solution. The software was a suite of integrated applications within a LifeRay framework. We wrote the system using Java. The solution collected information from our client's customers regarding their requirements and managed each process of every project. Once a project was identified, managers were delegated for each task by a project manager. The solution included messaging, customer entry, order entry, customer specifications, production planning, task assignments, task archives, product development, formulations, measurements, regulatory requirements, product stability testing, and shipment. The benefit to the customer was that the solution cut their production cycle by making all departments accountable for their assignments. In addition to the task status features, the messaging features provided stake holders with an instant update on the project. The solution integrated hundreds of tables from their databases.

Manifest Solution

A large hazardous waste disposal company hired us to create a document management solution. Managing and creating the manifests in this industry is a critical task. The software we designed streamlined their business and gave them the best record keeping system in the industry. Since each of their customers had different requirements, the software we wrote allowed our client to match the unique needs of each customer. Each waste material had different characteristics that were archived in various data tables and were available for entry with a simple search. After a few minutes, a user could identify the situation, fill in the content, and print a manifest and container label for the customer.

Mobile Wireless Container Tracking System

An interstate service company hired us to build a tracking system utilizing mobile devices. The company had an issue tracking their assets, which included large holding containers that were ported by trucks and tractors to their customers locations. We developed a tracking solution that allowed our client to use bar codes and GPS drop-offs and pick-ups to track their containers.

A Mobile Wireless Conference Guide

Our client ran conferences for large companies. We developed a solution that included comprehensive conference information regarding speakers and exhibitors. We also provided an interactive show floor map. Attendees could provide wireless feedback on speakers' presentations. All data was updated in real-time.

Interactive Voice Response

This client needed a system developed for a health care start-up. The software we engineered allowed the start-up to contact patients, monitor their medication use and compliance, and tracked side-effects from the medications. The software complied this information and relayed it to the patients' doctors. It utilized SMS, voice messaging, and Internet apps.

Blackberry Interactive Sales Reporting

We built a Blackberry application for a pharmaceutical company that allowed their executives get real-time updates regarding sales and production information remotely. The app was integrated into their enterprise.

Rapid Application Development Tools

Part of our team was the developers of the Simplicity Family of Java Development Tools. These tools included Simplicity for Java, Simplicity for Mobile Devices, Simplicity for Palm OS, Simplicity for Mobile Servers, Simplicity Enterprise, and Simplicity For Rejuvenation.These tools were marketed worldwide through resellers, wireless vendors, and equipment manufacturers. Simplicity for Java was used by many programmers and students. We are able to create a software package for resale that included a licensing model. Simplicity revolutionized programming with many features including "Execution-On-The-Fly" which provided on-screen execution without compiling the software. Simplicity for Mobile Servers was used by programmers for building server-side and a mobile device application simultaneously, with both apps running side by  side. Developers were able to see how the software would perform on the device, connect to the database, build query scipts, then return the results to the mobile device using simulators.

Sports Programming 

We were part of a team that produced two software packages for a company that resells software to professional, NCAA, and high school teams. One package allows teams to draw and catalog their offensive and defensive plays in a step by step progression. The other is a document management system that is used for scouting competition. We also developed an e-commerce and licensing model.

Time and Attendance

There are many third party solutions that are available, but none of them fit the requirements for our customer. We were able to custom tailor software with a user interface for their payroll clerks. The software interfaced with their payroll vendor and their business process. We were also able to provide software for mobile devices that were used as time clocks and tracked human assets.

Automated Reporting Systems
With one-click, most customers want some form of automated reporting from their system. Our customer needed sales and forecast reports that were communicated to their executive managers. We developed a system that allowed the users to access data from an online computer terminal or by a smart-phone mobile application. Our staff built a customer notification solution that tracked customer equipment and sent the client a reminder when their medical instruments needed calibration.

Financial/Accounting Systems
For this customer, we built a solution that integrated Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics Solomons, SAP, and QuickBooks into the customer's existing systems. We also added custom features to the customer's accounting system. Many of the systems that we create for clients are a subset of a larger accounting systems.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
We build solutions that can help your company keep in touch with your customers and synchronize business processes, manage marketing campaigns, send reminders to sales, or send notes to segmented customer lists by product.
For example, one of our customers supports and services its own scientific instrumentation to hundreds of laboratories, hospitals, and universities in North and South America. Their products are sold through remote sales staff and distributors, and are also available online through their company website. As their business grew, so did their need to centralize all sales activity—but they wanted this new system to integrate with their existing technology. Our staff, having worked for the customer for several years, understood their business process and helped them develop an integrated sales lead system in one week’s time. Our custom development saved our client thousands of dollars per year, and effectively gave them their own CRM system.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) Systems
Using MS ASP.NET and Access, our staff built a web interface that shows remote sales people their “to do” list from management, including which people they need to contact. When the sales reps write notes about their customer visits, it is saved centrally which allows management to follow the progress back at headquarters.

Insurance Policy Reporting System
Previously, our client outsourced the reporting of Bank Owned Life Insurance accounts. They work with more than 20 insurance carriers and nearly every carrier provides their information in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The problem was that each carrier used different formats and different levels of detail. We worked with each carrier’s spreadsheet to map it to a new reporting system using Microsoft Access which front-ended a Microsoft SQL Server database. Our client's entire reporting system was created in about four months. In one month’s time, the new reporting system replaced the need to hire the outside manual reporting firm, saving them $20K per month. Additionally, what used to take over a month to complete, is now accomplished in a day or two. We also added marketing features, split dollar insurance management, sales automation, and a sales commission management module.

Internet Commerce RMA (Returns Merchandise Authorization) System
For this client, we built a customer online RMA system. The web form connects directly to their internal system to create the RMA number and instantly displays it online for the customer with directions for the return. The software also printed the return label. The system keeps a log of information for historical records so when the RMA item is received, our customer  knows exactly what it is.

Automated Marketing Information Requests from Web
Customers often request company information from websites. We developed a software for a customer to ensure that once their customer enters contact information online, a label and letter automatically prints in the clients office.

Internet Commerce Online Shopping Cart
Not every off-the-shelf software fits the needs of every client. We have taken an off-the-shelf “shopping cart” product and customized it to more closely match specific business needs and workflow. In many other circumstances, we have built new software that integrates with standard third party off-the-shelf software.

Web-Based Warranty Registration
We built a website for our client that allows their customer's  to enter a website and fill out a warranty form when they purchase a device.This enables our client to track their customer information. Since they also utilize a reseller channel, the client did not have a way to track pertinent information from all of the customers that have purchase their devices. This helps them track all of their users.

Search Tools (Internal and External)
We have created web-based search tools for both public web and/or for private internal files. One example was built was for one of our customer's Human Resources department. They have thousands of resumes to search through. Using their parameters as filters, a search tool was built to help them target in on employee criteria.

Equipment Tracking System
We developed a system so that when a prospect requests a demonstration unit, they are emailed a link to a web form. The form collects all the necessary contact information, including the requested equipment, and demonstration equipment's return date. The data is then stored in a database. When the units are due back, information is automatically sent out using the data. If someone is late sending back a demo unit, automated emails are produced and sent to customers reminding and informing them how to return the equipment.

Customer Survey System
Our staff built a survey system that allows our client to send customer surveys via email. The email invites our client's customer to fill out a web form and the summary results are reviewed by our client. All email addresses and information are stored locally.

Sales Quoting System
Bright Software worked with a company that has a complex sales quoting process. Preparing sales quotes was limited to the expertise of one person. The person would look through books and cost schedules, punch numbers in a calculator then prepare and send out the quotes. The client needed a way to standardize the method and expand the number of people who developed quotes. Bright Software automated the process by building an information management solution, where the cost schedules are now in a database. It is now easy to train the client's new sales people to create their own quotes with little training.

Loan Management System
A short-term loan company that provides capital financing to hundreds of Visa/MasterCard merchants asked us to write a solution to their unique process. What differentiates our client is that their customers pay daily interest on their loan as a percentage of their daily credit card sales. This saves our client's customers money over the life of the loan. This unique business model needed a unique technical solution to match—-no known software existed to fit our client's need. As their business grew, employees were mired in Excel spreadsheets. Their employees worked well into the night manually tracking all the daily loan transactions. Early attempts with other database developers proved fruitless. It wasn’t until our staff took the time to truly understand their complex business model and developed software that did what they needed. Our client saved $70,000 for the cost of a savvy Excel employee to handle the work. Now the system manages all of their loans, automatically imports customer sales figures from all of their customers and automatically emails monthly statements.

Deferred Compensation Systems (401k)
We helped develop a multiple tier .NET/Access system for one of the largest providers of risk and insurance services. The software we developed calculates and updates the value of the funds that are in their customer's 401Ks. Our client manages 401Ks for other companies including Fortune 500. We added a number or reports to the system and worked on a web portal that allowed their customers to enter and check on their 401k accounts.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Event Management System (with Web Portal)
One of our pharmaceutical customers needed a web portal for their reps to set up events for selling their products. We created a web portal for reps to setup events and invite attendees to come to these events. Attendees can visit the website, accept the invitation and enter their details.

Patient Management System
A patient rehabilitation customer needed a way to manage their patients and assigned therapists. We built a system that tracks patient visits, print out insurance reports, and manages therapists and equipment. The system ties into their custom accounting system.

Google Maps Integration
Working with a locksmith customer, we integrated Google Maps into their system that helps them find customers, as people who are locked out of their cars may not even know their exact location. Google Maps helps dispatchers best determine where the next job is, and how close one of their locksmiths may be to the job site. They open a Google Map within the software we developed to communicate and locate the job. Once identified, the software polulates and creates a job ticket with the address using the data from the Google Maps. This information and map is then shared with the field locksmith so they can meet the prospective customer.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Modules
EDI makes it easy to import data into many different type of systems. We’ve helped customers eliminate manual data entry by automating the transfer of data into their databases with EDI. This reduces errors and speeds business. For example, one of our clients now sends out invoices and receives payment/denial information automatically. Prior to our custom software, it was all manual. Everyone gets their payment faster and insurance problems are resolved quicker.

Multilingual Systems
We have designed systems to be used around the world in different languages and time zones. One system we created can display forms in any language, including Hungarian, UK English, US English, and French.

SMS Text Messaging Systems (for texting field technicians with information on their next job)
Some of our customer’s field technicians speak limited English, so it was helpful to send them text messages about their next assigned field jobs. This saved the employees a lot of time and frustration talking on the phone. It also made it possible for employees to send messages to customers letting them know a technician is on the way to help them.