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Let Entrix build a website that will help your organization: 

Recruit new members. (Read More)

Manage your organization's retention efforts.

Recognize your member's efforts to the public.

Motivate your members.

Communicate with your members.

Communicate with the public.  

Manage and organize your documentation. (Read More)

Maintain a Training Section with documents and videos. (Read More)

Increase donations.

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Thank you for your service to our country and communities. Some of our members are your brother and sister volunteers now serving for our communities. We understand the issues that are most important to all of us.

Members Section - should be a password protected section. Within this module you will be able to manage all of your documentation. In this section there will be tabs such as Monthly Schedule, Events Calendar, Member Contact info, Administration, Operations, Forms, Regulations, and Training.  Within each tab or sub-tab, you will be able to manage all of your documents.

Photo Gallery - will allow you to add photos and organize them by event. You may add as many photos with captions that you want. This is a great place to show the public how your organization functions as a family. Here you can depict events, parties, training, showing both the professionalism and fun your members share.

Join Us - will include your commercial why someone should join your organization. This section should include the commitments, the benefits, and training requirements. Adding a photo gallery populated with current members photos and a caption explaining why they joined works fabulous. We can add the capabilities for downloading membership applications or submitting applications online.

About Us - should provide information on what you do, a history, recognize current members, officers, life members, retired and deceased members, and your equipment.

Home Page - should concentrate on enticing the public to learn about joining your organization, describe in short what you do, include some photos, have news captions, and provide a link for donations.

Web Sites For Ambulance Corps and Fire Departments

We offer 2 options depending on your expertise.

1. Managed Services: We can build your website, from start to finish, and offer managed services. This option includes 1 hour each month making the changes that your orgainzation requires. Your site will be hosted by a leading suppler depending on your requirements. 


2.  Build and Train: We can build your website and train your organization how to make the edits that your organization will require. Your site will be hosted by a leading supplier depending on your requirements.

Visit for all the latest news from the NJ EMS community. Find Information on training, recruitment & retention, what other corps are doing and enjoy our EMS WebInfo Blogs. 

How To Proceed?
We will meet and discuss the design and navigation of your site.

We will offer discounted pricing for FDs and ambulance corps.

Domain name management.

Set up a hosting company based on your requirements.

We will use your content, photos and text.

With content in hand, we can have your site up in two weeks.

Contact Us - is a another link where the public can submit an email with their contact information and questions.

You can choose the content that you want the public to see and the content that only your members can see. We will  create an easy method for creating passwords for your members. Our service includes creating and authorizing passwords for your current membership and how to enter and delete future members. 

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