Most ambulance corps use countless documents to run the business and operation sides of their business. These documents include bylaws, rules & regulations, monthly schedules, business meeting minutes, agendas, training, protocols etc. If you have 20 members or more this entails the work of printing them, copying them and distributing them. Then of course, there is the dilemma of updating and distributing existing documents. Not to make light of this issue, is everyone working off the same updated documents? Not to mention the cost of printing which includes paper, toner, copier wear and tear plus the clicks against the maintenance cost.

Entrix Systems, can create a new website for your organization that includes tabs with sub-tabs that will organize and archive all of your documents by categories. These tabs will be structured in a way that a user will need a User Name and Pass Word to access these files. These documents will be stored, usually as a PDF and will be stored offsite on secure servers.  

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This is an example of how to organize documents and photos

Document Management

  • Organize your documents in one place
  • All documents are password protected
  • Documents are filed by categories
  • Save creation and distribution time and costs
  • Quick and easy access
  • All filed documents will be current
  • All members will read the same version
  • Documents can be downloaded and printed 
  • Documents can be distributed electronically
  • All documents will be formatted to PDF or Word