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Entrix Systems Inc.
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Cyber Forensics

Protect your big data and customers identities. We works with Niksun.

Messaging S/w

Integrate your enterprise applications, text messaging, or embedded hardware.

Website Development

Stand alone or integrated with your enterprise applications.

we develop custom software for these applications

Excel and access

We can program using Excel or Access for simpler projects. They work great!

POS/POI Kiosks

Custom S/W for educating customers or allowing them to buy at selling locations.

Application Specialties

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Lab Project management

End to end tracking each project from customer entry to shipping labels.

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S/W for managing all aspects of producing each product.

Rescue squad s/w

Websites or custom software such as patient recording or rehab tracking.

CRM Solutions

We can develop custom S/W integrating your legacy or 3rd party applications.