New customers find us on the web or by referrals. So, if you are reading this after finding us on a search engine, you are in good company! Most likely you found us by searching local development companies. The benefit of contracting with Entrix is that we can spend as much time at your location as necessary to see every aspect of your business process. We concentrate on clients that are headquartered in NY, NJ and PA. We are well prepared to work with large multi-national companies, small business companies, or start-ups.

The next step is to contact us if you have a new project, broken software, or need re-engineering of your existing software. We will discuss your objectives, your time-frame, and set up a technical meeting with one of our developers.

What should you have for our meeting?
Prior to the meeting, try to define your needs as sharply as you can. If you have existing software, know where your source code is, and make sure it’s the latest copy. Make sure the right person or group of people in your organization are involved in the project. You should include people who’ll be using the software day to day.


After our meeting if Entrix is a good fit for your needs, we will create a specification and present our proposal. Not all, but most Request for Proposals (RFPs) are handled after meeting face to face. Our proposal will be written, and it will contain Specification, Deliverables, Time Frame, Warranty, and Pricing. If you agree that what we are offering is what you need then we will proceed with more formal documents which include a Master Agreement and Statement Of Work (SOW). Our pricing will be provided as either a fixed project cost or based on an hourly rate. This depends on the type of project or what you feel works better for you.

Most of the time our fee for consultation in advance of a quote or a proposal is free.

Change Orders:
Once you contract with us, we will start the project based on the schedule and pricing terms outlined in the SOW. If there are any changes to the scope of work (i.e., you ask for more features) we will add the change to the scope. If both parties agree to the deviations of the Specifications that can lengthen the project, then those additions will be put into writing and agreed upon by both parties.


During development we will be in constant communications with your project managers for benchmark testing. Software is an iterative process and making it right the first time is always the best practice. Because the software's success rate will depend on the user's acceptance, we like to survey their wants and needs and make them feel they are part of the process. If necessary, we will make arrangements with you for traveling to your other locations, to your customers, or to your vendors.

We can be in contact with third party software distributors for APIs that are necessary to integrate into your application. (an example is Google Maps)

Testing Draft Software:

We will be working with draft software on test development servers.  For most projects, your project managers will be testing the software with us as we develop. This usually occurs when we reach milestone benchmarks. Once we release a draft version of the entire application, it will be ready for intensive testing by your staff. After testing is complete, the software will be installed and integrated into production. We have a lot of integration experience which helps us foresee any potential problems and mitigate risks.

Production Software:

Once in production, the users will be trained if it has not already been done during testing. If everything is satisfactory, we can begin any subsequent planned phases of the project.

Final Acceptance:

After the software is accepted, and we receive the Final Acceptance Payment, we will send you the source code. The source code is yours. You should question using a development firm that will not give you the source code.

Remote and On-Site Services:

During software development, the majority of requests are handled immediately over the phone, using a secure desktop sharing application. However, we will also be at your location to meet with managers, and users.

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